You’re my Heart-shaker! Shaker! I’m here to talk about what happened on Twice’s 1st world
tour, “Twicelights” here at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Korea’s One in a Million girl group Twice has finally
come to Manila this June 29, 2019. Everyone is hyped that they will be going to Knock-Knock into our hearts
and make us Happy Happy on this day! I was lucky that I bought a VIP Standing Ticket plus I won a photo
opportunity with them! It was one of my life dreams to see them up so close. Before the concert, I
bought the concert necessary items to show my support for my favorite KPOP group. With me, I have my
Candy Bong Z, and my Twicelights full-banner.

I hop up into my Co-Once’s friend’s car early on and we arrived at MOA arena at 10: 00 am to
line up for the VIP entrance. However, my friend, Gio, and I won photo opportunity slots and we have
to line up on a separate line from other VIP B peeps. In the line we also met fellow Once (the name of
the Fandom of Twice) and met new friends! We got to know their biases and experiences. We wait at
the entrance of the Arena until it’s our turn to enter the meet and greet room.

We finally entered the Meet and Greet room inside moa arena and finally saw Twice up close. I
was freaking less than 5 feet before them!!! I was totally excited and starstruck. I saw Nayeon,
Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Jihyo, Dahyun, Chaeyong, and Tzuyu standing up there looking like real-
life dolls. Damn!!!

While waiting for Twice to made their grand entrance, all Once inside moa arena are so hype
that they chant so loud even in the VTR of JYP Entertainment!!!

On the time of the concert, twice made their 1 st entry song, Stuck in my head. Their goal was to
show a different color concept for this concert. They proved that they not stuck with a bubblegum concept
but they can also ace girl crush, mature concept. They changed the choreography of cheer up and dance
the night away into something worthy of a concert opening. After that, each member introduced
themselves in the Tagalog language. Dahyun showed her power to further hype every once inside the arena
by saying the words, “Kumain kana?” “Ang Galing!” and “Sigaw!” After the greetings, the came back on
stage wearing a white dress showing their white graceful color and sang into the song of Sunset. All once
inside the arena felt a warm loving feeling during this number. Sana, Nayeon, Tzuyu interacted with us
while the other members are on the other side of the stage. Their visuals were absolutely stunning!.
Next, they showed their support for the LGBTQ+ community as Nayeon, Mina, Chaeyong danced into
Lady Gaga’s Born this way. My favorite part of this concert is when Twice reveal their hot and sexy appeal in
red color with Sana, Tzuyu, Dahyun performing Beyonce’s Born for you. The stage when on fire as Sana
showed her cute but sexy appeal along with Tzuyu’s natural born hotness.

Finally, in the last part of the concert, they thanked the fans for their overwhelming support
which they did not expect because this is their 1 st time coming to Manila. The girls did not expect how
Filipino Once’s feelings to finally see their most loved Kpop group. They are touched by the Fan Project
VTR Showing how Filipino Once did not give up on their goal to bring twice here at the Philippines.
Twice are very touch to Once and they promised that they will return.

My thoughts, this is my 1 st concert in the Philippines and I can say that every effort, every money
spent was very well freaking worth it.

A Concert Experience by Rafael Darilag

The image was taken by Waren Gonzaga during the concert.