TWICE Dahyun “Kumain Ka Na?” T-Shirt


Kumain Ka Na? Dahyun said on their recent TWICELIGHTS MANILA concert. Pinoy Onces almost fall in love when Dahyun of TWICE say those pinoy words. Are you a Once? Dahyun stan? Get this memorable unique merch from KPH today! Dahyun is waiting for your answer, kumain ka na?

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Kumain Ka Na? PH Onces are almost fall in love when Dahyun say those Filipino words. These iconic Filipino words are now available in a form of merchandise memorable t-shirt! Kumain Ka Na? Twice Merch T-Shirt is a fan made unofficial T-Shirt designed and sold by Print N’ Grind. Here at KPH we make sure that every once has unique and get their newest TWICE merch to wear or to collect. We hope you’ll love it as we love making it.

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